Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loser Like Me by Nomar Knight

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Loser Like Me

     Loser Like Me             
By Nomar Knight  

This is me
For all to see
Beyond the glitter
Lies a quitter

Judge me
Hate me
I don't care
For I am rare

I take what's mine
And climb the vine
Life's stupid game
Without the shame

Thumb your nose
Keep the pose
Say you're the best
Surely you jest

I keep it real
And never steal
My friends last
Yours go fast

Hate bleeds you dry
No wonder why
All negative flack
Slides off my back

Drag the chain
Don't spread the pain
Best be a loser
Than a drug user

Perfection ain't my game
Gotta be insane
You keep the look
I'll write a book

You be you
Without a clue
I'll be me
Wild and free

Who else wants to be
A loser like me?

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills presentation.
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  1. Seems like your lines pick up speed as I read; reminds me of hip-hop. Nice One Shot!

  2. I was thinking rap
    It has that flow going Nomar

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

  3. Nice little rap - got the flow and the beat to it; could feel it quite well. And here-here, I'll certainly join in being that "loser." Let 'em keep the drugs; take the books and enjoy...

  4. I like your rap, but you don't sound like a loser to me.

    It's nice to meet someone from the Island. I was born in San German, too many years ago. Now I live in New Mexico.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Love the flow, the momentum rising throughout the piece, carrying the thoughts of a great message.

  6. Yes, I think being a loser like this would be a good thing. Loved it!

  7. i was thinking rap as well - great beat to this and i like the kind of loser you describe here

  8. Reminded me of hip hop, too. I could hear the beat. Perhaps you should sell it as a song. :) Very creative.

  9. i also heard this almost as a song as i read. i like your kind of loser!

  10. I agree with above comments. I could easily hear this as a song. Any chance the great Nomar will record it for us?

    I like being a loser who's buried in books! :p