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A Sneak Peak at Poppet's Exploits

Yesterday you got an inside look at an exciting new author, Poppet.  Well, as promised here's a small taste of her Chapter 14 of Exploits.  

'Exploits' defines the difference between a relationship and a dictatorship. A psychological journey from naive to liberation, until she finally has the greatest love of all. Stefanie has played by the rules - now things are changing. Follow Stef's exploits from good girl to willing slave. She chucks the court shoes for stilettos. Wears hold up stockings, push up bras, and grows her hair long enough to tickle. How did this good girl get so bad? By meeting Gary - the moulder of clay. The condensed version of a dysfunctional relationship, and how it turned a good girl into a spineless victim of love. Gary has rules. Rules of 'engagement'. Isn't love supposed to be a battlefield? "You are drawn into Stefanie's predicament from the outset. The central premise of a woman being emotionally and, in some ways, physically abused by her partner is interesting and holds the reader's attention" - Harper Collins UK. 

For two blissful weeks I was rebellious. The crowd at work ranged from eighteen to twenty-three and they were all thankfully normal and in normal relationships.

Between Dianne, Julie, Selene and James, we had every ladies night plotted and planned. We knew up to what hour ladies could get in free, with a free drink to boot. We were booked every night of the week. I laughed, I flirted, I thrived like algae in sludge. My self-confidence just flourished, and I now knew without a doubt that I am not the ugliest girl in the room.

Unfortunately, the side effect of bonding with colleagues, is they find out why you’re suddenly single. Even some of the guys at work seemed ambitious about getting to know me. I was one of the crowd, these were my people. We worked together; we played together; on Friday nights after work, we drank together at the work bar.

But – I can’t stress this enough – one thing I knew I would never do again, is dress the way Selene dresses. We looked like wannabe prostitutes that night, and I did not like the way men just assumed that they could examine the merchandise. You know what I’m saying?

So, I’m happy. I honestly am. I still love Gary but we’re over. He phones me every day at work and every day I hang up on him. He crossed a line and I wasn’t that hard up that I needed to stay with a guy who not only made me feel like a cheap harlot, then stuffs around with other women behind my back. I could not have tried any harder to please him. And my best obviously wasn’t enough. I wasn’t going to waste another day of my glorious life following the leader of the pack down the dry dusty road to hell.

Right, so I’ve been flirting up a storm the last two weeks. I’m hurt. I’m seriously not ready for a new Mr Right, but, flirting makes you feel so delicious. It validates that you’re not half bad. So on Thursday morning, when flowers arrive at work for me without a card, I have no idea who they’re from. Seriously.

All of the girls at work, ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aaah’. “Who are those from?”

I stare at the two dozen red roses making my desk look like a telephone table and shrug. “I have no idea!”

This day goes down in office history. I pick them up, move my trash can, and dump the whole lot into the bin underneath my desk.

In unison the ladies all exhale, “Gaaaaasp”

“You can’t do that!”

I smile at Frank, “Oh, yes I can!”

His girlfriend also works with me, and from across the office I hear Julie, “If you don’t want them, I’ll take them.”

I look at Frank for confirmation that this is in order. He nods and smiles, retorting back across the office, “Don’t say I never buy you flowers. I just organised for you!”

Julie literally skips to my desk, as I remove the flowers from my trash can and hand them to her. She even kisses me, “Thanks.”

She flounces to Frank and kisses him, “Hmmm, you are the best. I expect this every week from now on.”

The office is smiling when my phone rings. It’s the internal ring.


“Stefanie, please come to reception.”

I’m suspicious, “Why?”

“You have more flowers.”

I roll my eyes, “Coming.”

I stalk off to reception and pick up pink Amaranths. No card. Just flippin great. Now I’m psychic too, have you noticed? I doubt the same guy sent both bouquets. Men! (To quote Mishi.)

I walk back to our open plan office and announce from the doorway, “Who would like these?”

Five chorus ‘Me!’ I place them down on the sign in table, “First one here gets them then.”

The entire office is laughing as the girls bolt for the flowers like a bunch of singles catching the bridal bouquet. Selene gets there first. I giggle as I walk back to my desk. She follows me and asks the question on everyone’s mind, “Who are they from?”

“God only knows! There’s no card!”

(I wonder if tarot cards work? A tall dark stranger will send you flowers …)

My boss raises her eyebrows. I suppose it doesn’t look that good to get flowers and not know who they’re from. Whatever.

My phone rings and I lunge, “Stefanie speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hello, gorgeous.”

Um … “Hello.”

I have no idea who I’m speaking to.

“Did you get my flowers?”

Um … crikey. I have no idea what to say here. I wing it. “Yes, they just arrived.” So I dig, “Why didn’t you send a card with it?”

“I did.”

Oh crap.

“Oh!” (Trying to sound surprised and flirty.) “I guess it fell off somewhere.”

He laughs. Oooh he does sound nice. I wonder who he is?

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Thanks for sharing this little teaser with us Poppet. 

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