Friday, January 28, 2011

What about me? A Character's Gripe

What about me? A Character’s Gripe

Hello, you may know me from the Burning Love series here on Knight Chills.  I’m Candy, today’s guest blogger.  

If you’re not familiar with my ongoing story, I was just a normal young woman looking for love.  I thought I found it with a man named Sam.  The fact he turned out to be a professional hit-man didn’t sway me away from him.  In fact, he trained me how to be a killer, only I can’t take innocent lives.  Yes, I’ve had the misfortune of killing a couple of men, but they deserved it.  They were bad guys.  

So you may be wondering what brings me to guest blog for Nomar.  Well, like all women, I deserve attention.  The talented Mr. Knight has a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder and I’m the latest victim of his chaotic mind.  Instead of revealing to you wonderful readers my troubles, he’s gone off in a constant state of depression.  Oh don’t worry, he’s not suicidal or anything, it’s just that an angel of depression has his ear.  The fascinating supernatural creature has my favorite writer entombed in a world where Darkness Roams.  

Okay, I admit the angel has an extraordinary existence, but damn it, my story came first.  (Takes a moment to breathe and change my pouting lips into a tight smile).

Anyway, I need your help.  I want Nomar to at least write a couple more episodes of my story and soon.  But I’m afraid he thinks no one cares.  He knows there are at least two fans of mine… Thank you Awilda and Mary, you guys rock!  However, Nomar feels that Oscuro, the fallen angel, needs to be appeased.  Please leave comments in this post, encouraging him to continue telling my story.  If you don’t…I’m afraid I’ll disappear into the land of forgotten characters.  I can’t go there.  I’m too beautiful, athletic, and just plain hot.  Plus, don’t you guys want to see if I can finally get away from Sam? If I end up running off with my newest lover, Lucas?  

Please, I need your help.  


If you don’t, I’ll have to come looking for you.

Your sweet-killer gal,


  1. Ha ha, you are funny. I think you should keep writing. But I know how it is, you follow your muse.

  2. How do we appease the mighty Oscuro and get more episodes, Nomar?

  3. No! You can't leave me hanging!